I was sent a device for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

This is probably a typical guy thing: “Honey, have you seen my keys?” or, “Can you help me find my wallet?” There’s a simple explanation for that — we don’t have one specific bag to hold everything. Instead we just drop our phone, keys, wallet, and other valuables on whatever surface is closest to where we decide to dump out our pockets. Sure, some can carry around something like a European man bag or whatever it’s called but have you ever tried finding anything in your wife’s purse? Forget it, it’s just not going to happen. We need something cool to help us with this strange inability to find things. We need tech. Tech like the Tile location tracker device.Tile Finder

For your valuable items with the Tile

Wait, did I just hear my Tile beep? That’s right. Tile is a pretty looking little device you can hang on a key ring, put in your wallet, or attach it to anything else that would make you panic if it went missing. After an easy setup using your smartphone, you can fire up the app and ask it to find the Tile. It works with Bluetooth, so that means it will respond if you’re no more than 30 feet away. In a bigger house you may need to try several rooms before you’ll find your lost item.

What if the Tile is out of reach? I haven’t had to use that feature yet, but it’s an interesting concept to mention. When you use your Tile app, it will actually look for other Tiles in the area to bounce a signal off of. So if your smartphone happens to pick up a signal from someone else’s Tile, it will alert the other person. At one point the Tile app told me that there were around 1,700 of these tracking devices around me. Not sure if that will be the case everywhere, though, because we just happen to live in the Silicon Valley and we have tons of techies around us.

Using the Tile app and device

I was very pleased with the app. It has a nice, clean graphic design, is not too complicated, and is very stable when used it on an iPhone. When you ask the app to find your Tile, it may take about a minute. So be patient. One Tile costs just $25 and can be ordered online. There are discounts when you’ll buy 4, 8, or 12 at a time. It’s nice to have backup since the battery in a Tile cannot be replaced. Instead you have to replace the whole device. The sound from the Tile is loud and clear, but not annoying.Tile FinderIf you decide to change the phone associated with the device (such as when my wife first tried it and then gave it to me), you have to email customer support. It would have been so much nicer if you could just change it in the app itself. The other person already has to approve you to share the device so switching ownership should be just as easy after that.

Reverse tracking with the Tile

The letter “e” in Tile on the device is actually a button to sync it with your smartphone. That means you can use the Tile to also find your smartphone, should you happen to misplace it. I should tell you that you do have to make sure the app is always running in the background for this to work. Also, because all the letters are made of rubber, it seems to attract some dirt. That is why the letters on my TIle have started to turn funny colors. That would probably bug my wife but It doesn’t bother me.

I’m happy to have the Tile and would definitely recommend it, especially to guys. Instead of getting all worked up about not being able to find our phone, keys, or wallet, we can just rely on Tile to save the day.

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